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My name is Dia - I'm a designer, musician, and artist who's always looking to learn something new while contributing my own expertise. 

Originally from the small town of Fairfield, Iowa, I am currently enjoying the cheap rent and delicious german food of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

I view design as a challenge to understand people and how they interact with the world. My philosophy is to prioritize real-world research and problem framing as the foundation for any project.

Professionally, I have worked in industries ranging from consumer electronics and medical devices to home goods and furniture. The majority of this work was in fast-paced start-up environments, where I had to problem solve on the fly and dedicate myself to meeting challenging deadlines. This, in addition to my time working at P&G, has given me a well-rounded perspective on the true effort it takes to deliver fantastic products. 

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati Industrial Design program. My senior thesis focused on developing a digital toolkit to help those experiencing domestic abuse access the often invisible resource network they need to recover. You can view the project here

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